Skunkwerks works with all kinds of companies, large and small. We approach each project with vigor and interest to develop solutions that suit our clients’ particular needs. When customers come to Skunkwerks with a project that helps solve a "global" need, we can work with the client to commercialize the product.

Please read about some of our recent successes below.


The Centre for Drug Research and Development (CDRD) is a not-for-profit organization that assists academic researchers in the research, development and commercialization activities necessary for the creation of drugs and new medicines.

The CDRD approached Skunkwerks to create a custom system to track data on people, projects and grants, as well as equipment scheduling and booking, and management of resources like nitrogen tank inventory.

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The Mitacs Globalink program helps match Canadian professors hosting world-leading research and innovation projects with international undergraduate students from India, China, Brazil and Mexico.

Skunkwerks worked with Mitacs Globalink on the development of a custom student application software component that included all of the functionality of the existing Drupal website as well as additional features and security.

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