Business Expertise

Workflow Management

For complex workflow situations we generally work in Livecycle, especially if forms are involved. Simpler or non-form based workflows can be managed with HTML5. No matter what development application we utilize, our passion is helping companies automate their workflows.

Workflow Demo

Product Development

Skunkwerks has developed several products for our clients — everything from a mouse-colony management system to an online booking/calendar/invoicing system. There may be opportunities to commercialize a product Skunkwerks develops in conjunction with its clients, and each opportunity is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Skunkwerks's internally-developed Health IT product, software that manages electronic medical records, was developed for Vancouver General Hospital and spun off as an independent company, iClinic, in 2010.

Skunkwerks also turned its mobile application development expertise into a stand-alone game company, Skunkwerks Kinetic in early 2012.

Conversion of Legacy Systems

Skunkwerks has more than twenty of years experience with a wide variety of IT systems. We can help our clients transition their software and data to new systems whether they need a Flash site or application converted to HTML5, or simply want to port data from a legacy database.

Data Management

Skunkwerks has exceptional data management know-how. We started in the database management business and our core competency remains handling, parsing, storing, and delivering data. We currently manage several silos of data for our clients, from small companies’ Excel spreadsheets to relational databases spanning millions of records.

Graphic/UI Design

We have a strong corps of graphics wizards who supply a steady stream of unbelievably gorgeous imagery for Skunkwerks Kinetic’s latest game. Fortunately for us, they work side-by-side with Skunkwerks’ engineers. Skunkwerks Kinetic's graphics team is available to lend its expertise to help our customers, and they even enjoy occasionally working on projects that don't involve aliens or explosions. Check out some of their work over at our sister company Skunkwerks Kinetic's website.